How to Clean Your Home Propane Grill

It’s our favorite time of year again: grilling season! While you’re busy cookin’ up your family’s favorite foods, ThompsonGas wants to remind all of our propane gas service customers the importance of maintaining and cleaning their grills. Properly cleaning your residential propane grill after each use will not only make your food taste better but also prolong the life and functionality of your grill. Follow these steps for cleaning your propane grill. Continue reading “How to Clean Your Home Propane Grill” »

ThompsonGas Attends NPGA Event

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Last weekend’s beautiful weather set the perfect tone for the 2013 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta. Hundreds of propane dealers and professionals, including the ThompsonGas team, flocked to the annual event hosted by the National Propane Gas Association — the largest propane gas service convention and exposition in the world. ThompsonGas, a proud sponsor of the event, made a great showing both in personnel and in sponsorship throughout the expo (see photo).

The exhibit hall was packed with vendors showcasing the latest industry innovations and tools to reinvigorate and improve business. Vendors included bobtail truck sales, driver tracking software, oil to propane conversion, propane tank dealers and everything in between. We also got the chance to catch up with many of our colleagues, including the Vertrax team, whom we had dinner with on Sunday.

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In all, the event was a huge success for both the propane industry and our propane suppliers. We were honored to not only represent our company and this industry, but also to learn about the latest propane service news and trends that we can offer to our customers. To learn more about the annual event, click here.

Cleaner, Cheaper Mowing with Commercial Propane

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With lawn mowing season upon us, there’s never been a better time to think propane.  According to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), propane gas service is the future of landscaping services. Landscapers all over the country are relying on propane as the alternative fuel of choice to boost productivity and save time and money.

ThompsonGas can provide your lawn mowing or landscaping business the commercial propane you need to reduce operating costs and increase business & performance speeds. Here are a few reasons upgrading your lawn mowing equipment and powering with commercial propane is a smart choice for your business:

  • Propane is competitively priced and costs less to operate than conventionally fueled mowers and trimmers. On a daily basis, a 72-inch riding lawnmower powered by propane instead of gasoline can save you between $20-$30!
  • Propane-fueled lawn mowing equipment provides the same proven performance plus increased productivity compared to gasoline or diesel equipment.
  • Equipment powered by propane gas service runs cleaner than gasoline or diesel, releasing up to 26% less greenhouse gas emissions and as much as 60% less carbon monoxide.
  • Propane is made in the U.S. It’s an abundant, domestic fuel, and refueling is easy because of existing propane delivery services from ThompsonGas.
  • Propane-powered lawn mowers deliver less downtime and less maintenance.
  • Additional savings are possible as fuel spillage, leakage and even theft are virtually eliminated.

PERC also offers exciting mower incentive programs that equal extra savings. The Propane Mower Incentive Program gives landscape contractors $1,000 per qualifying new propane mower purchase or $500 per qualifying mower conversion. Participants must provide feedback and performance data for one mowing season in exchange.

ThompsonGas also offers propane autogas for commercial landscapers. Dedicated propane lawn mowers & other landscaping equipment operate from a centralized propane refueling station located on your premises, saving you time and operating expenses. It’s simple, onsite and cost-effective. Your employees will be more efficient and get on the road much quicker because their fuel source is onsite. Mow more grass while making more money!

There’s never been a better time for landscaping contractors to switch to propane service. To learn more about our commercial propane offerings for landscapers and other industries, visit our website.

– The Thompson Team