Fourth of July Home Propane Grilling Recipes

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It’s summertime, and the grillin’s easy. In celebration of the 237th anniversary of our nation’s independence, we’ve put together a few red, white and blue inspired recipes for your home propane grill, sure to please the entire family.  Continue reading “Fourth of July Home Propane Grilling Recipes” »

10 Reasons Propane Grills are Better Than Charcoal

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Thousands of homeowners and commercial chefs across the country buy propane gas grills. While a charcoal grill boasts that rich, smoky flavor grillers love, propane grills pack a meaner punch in convenience, control and ease of use. When the dust settles, propane is triumphant in this backyard battle. Here are 10 reasons you should choose a propane grill over charcoal this summer.  Continue reading “10 Reasons Propane Grills are Better Than Charcoal” »

Home Propane Grill Shopping Guide for Father’s Day

Still on the fence about what to buy Dad this Father’s Day? According to a survey by Weber GrillWatch Pulse, 17% of Dads would most like to receive a grill or grilling accessories for Father’s Day. Home propane grills offer Dad the convenience, cleanliness and quick heating times he wants when grilling. No stacking, no lighting, no smelly starter fluid — simply turn a knob and start grilling!  Continue reading “Home Propane Grill Shopping Guide for Father’s Day” »

10 Ways to Use Home Propane This Summer

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Who says you only use residential propane during the winter to heat your home? The summer sun is here, and there’s never been a hotter time to power your home and outdoor living with propane. To help you kick the summer off right, here are 10 easy ways you can use ThompsonGas’ residential propane gas for summer fun at home and in your backyard. Continue reading “10 Ways to Use Home Propane This Summer” »