Baby, It’s Warm Inside… with Propane Home Heating

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The weather outside is frightful, but inside the fire is so delightful. Homeowners across the country are cozying up to home propane fireplaces. Boasting comfort and ambiance, plus high-efficiency heating for the home, propane fireplaces offer true versatility to homeowners. Here are a few reasons your family should consider propane home heating this winter. 


Suitable for all climates, propane fireplaces have key features that allow them to reach a high performance and efficiency level. A direct vent design means air used for combustion comes from outside, so the fireplace isn’t sucking warm air out of the house. Insulated outer castings limit heat loss through the unit’s walls when it’s located on an exterior wall in the home.

Ceramic glass fronts help radiate heat in the room, while a quiet and efficient circulating fan moves air around the fireplace to absorb heat and deliver into the room. Handheld remote control units heat output to keep the room at a set temperature. Propane fireplaces deliver 5 to 6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces and efficiency levels well beyond traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Energy Efficiency

Suitable for all climates, propane fireplaces offer Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings of more than 90 percent. By comparison, wood-burning fireplaces only have a 15 percent FE, largely because they lose thermal energy from combustion up the chimney.

Energy Consumption & Costs

Depending on how you use your propane fireplace and how many fireplaces are in your home, your energy consumption and home propane prices will vary. Propane fireplace operating costs vary as well, and for occasional use may range from $50 to $150 per year. If you’re only using your fireplace for space heating, this cost will be even lower.

Environmental Benefits

Compared to traditional wood fireplaces, propane fireplaces have a much better environmental impact. They produce fewer emissions and less carbon monoxide. In some parts of the country, traditional wood-burning fireplaces are even banned at certain times due to their air quality impact. Propane fireplaces are more environmentally friendly than electric fireplace units as well.

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