Building with Residential Propane Furnaces

residential propane, home propane, propane homeHigh-efficiency propane home furnaces are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. because they deliver exceptional energy savings and comfort at an affordable cost. A residential high-efficiency furnace can provide excellent space heating for both small floor plans and large homes. They’re more efficient and safer than traditional natural-draft furnaces. Here are a few reasons your family should consider affordable, efficient, economical to operate, and environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency propane furnaces in your home. 


Propane furnaces deliver best-in-class efficiency, with many models delivering AFUE ratings of 98 percent. They heat the home steadily and comfortably, plus they deliver significantly warmer temperatures than electric heat pumps. They usually have a longer life, too, with operating lives of 15-20 years — 10 years longer than electric heat pumps.

Energy Efficiency

Most residential propane furnaces have an efficiency rating between 90 and 98 percent, with Energy Star efficiency levels much higher than heating oil systems. Over time, propane furnaces maintain their efficiency better than electric heat pumps, plus tax credits are available for propane furnaces in both new constructions and replacements. To learn more about tax credits and incentives, click here.

Energy Consumption & Costs

Based on the climate and home design, propane furnaces use varying amounts of propane. In the Northeast, a new 2,400 sq. ft. home typically consumes an estimated 550 gallons of propane per year, while southern states generally consume 106 gallons per year. Annual energy costs for an Energy Star furnace in new and existing homes is $2,831 per year, compared to $3,419 for a heating oil furnace. Home propane furnaces save money and reduce CO2 emissions.


Compared to most other systems, propane furnaces have a smaller carbon footprint. Electric heat pumps, for example, have CO2 emissions nearly double those of propane furnaces.

To learn more about high-efficiency propane furnaces, call a ThompsonGas propane supplier at 1-800-768-6612.

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