Energy Solutions
Propane is the smart choice for reducing your energy costs, increasing your family’s comfort and reducing your carbon footprint. Offering everything from energy-efficient backup generators* and tankless water heaters to geothermal energy and autogas options, our showroom staff are qualified to help you get the most cost- and energy-efficient results from your propane-powered home or business.
*ThompsonGas partners with Dixie Electric.
Geothermal Heating
Hot Water Heaters
Propane Autogas

Safe, warm and inviting — your fireplace should be both practical and pleasing to the eyes. With the largest display of gas fireplaces* in the quad-state area, at our showroom you can choose from different styles, designs and quality brands like Mendota, Regency and Real Fyre that you won’t find at the big box retail stores. Browse through our convenient and clean gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, gas heating stoves, hearth accessories, remote controls, log sets and much more.
*Site survey is required for new build fireplaces.
Gas Inserts
Log Sets
Gas Heating Stoves

Heating & Air Conditioning
Heating and cooling your home with propane is good for both the environment and your wallet! ThompsonGas can service your existing heating and air conditioning systems*, convert your current systems to propane, clean/inspect your equipment and more. Our showroom offers everything from wall heaters, hot water heaters and heat pumps, to portable heaters, garage heaters and more to keep your family, home or business comfortable all year long.
*Site survey is required.
Air Conditioning
Hot Water Heaters
Natural Gas
Portable Heaters
Wall Heaters
Heat Pumps (Electric)
Garage Heaters
Construction Heaters
Outdoor Heating
Pool Heaters
Indoor Vented (see Hearth/Fireplace section above)

Outdoor Living
Find countless ways to improve your outdoor living areas at our Boonsboro showroom. Our state-of-the-art propane grills from top brands like Delta Heat, Broilmaster and Twin Eagles promise exceptional grilling and sleek, high-tech design features like LED lighting. Stay warm with our fire pits, pool heaters* and other outdoor heating equipment, plus find grill accessories, fryers, landscaping tools, camping stoves and much more for good times in the great outdoors!
*ThompsonGas partners with Browning Pools.
Fire Pits
Outdoor Heating
Patio Torches
Pool Heaters
Camping Stoves

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