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Fleet vehicles, school and commuter buses, work trucks, fork lifts, trolleys and lawn equipment can now benefit from versatile, reliable and economical propane fuel. Propane vehicles provide a range of low-emission and cost-effective alternatives for public transportation and municipal infrastructures. From start to propane, ThompsonGas is with you every step of the way to ensure that your fleet program is constantly achieving its maximum cost and environmental benefits. Our propane can meet the needs of high-mileage, high-runtime vehicles and equipment to help you save money and improve your organization’s environmental impact.

On-Road (Propane Autogas)

For more information, contact your local ThompsonGas Retail Showroom. Logo and content courtesy of CleanFUEL USA.

For more information, contact your local ThompsonGas Retail Showroom. Logo and content courtesy of ROUSH CleanTech.

Benefits of Propane-Fueled Vehicles and Equipment:
•    Fleet operators can earn alternative fuel tax credit of 50 cents per every gallon of propane sold
•    Reduce fleet maintenance costs and increase engine life
•    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate emissions in comparison to gasoline
•    Promote environmentally friendly transportation throughout the community
•    Ensure the reliable operation of essential emergency and security vehicles
•    Support the use of domestically produced fuel

Benefits of Propane-Fueled Transit Buses:
•    A viable pathway for complying with federal alternative fuel vehicle requirements for fleets
•    Simple, often onsite, refueling processes
•    Cost-effective development of onsite refueling infrastructure
•    Purchase or conversion rebates and incentives offered by federal and state organizations
•    Tax credits and exemptions on refueling costs
•    Lower fuel costs than diesel-fueled alternatives

ThompsonGas Propane Autogas Fleet Program
•    A Case for Conversion
We’ll show you, based on your business, how converting your fleet to propane autogas can save you time and money. ThompsonGas works with you to analyze your fleet, conversion costs and return on investment.
•    Pumping Stations Installed
ThompsonGas develops the propane autogas infrastructure for your facility. Everything is mapped out for efficient workflow. We will design, install and pay for the infrastructure for refueling your fleet.
•    Equipment Conversion/Purchase
ThompsonGas will work exclusively with you and your vendors to begin the conversion of your gasoline fleet to propane autogas.
•    Tracking Your Success
ThompsonGas Propane Trak Software offers comprehensive reporting and cost benefit analysis. Each vehicle in your fleet is tracked to show you how and where you are achieving the most savings. Plus, we provide training and support to make sure you get the most accurate data and reporting.
•    3-Month Review
ThompsonGas continues its support with a 3-month review of your propane autogas operation. We analyze everything from infrastructure to software, and make sure you are receiving the maximum benefits.
•    Exclusive Expansion Planning
We look at fleet conversion and new fleet acquisition. We help you determine when and where it may make sense to expand your propane autogas program.
•    12-Month Review
Every year, we review your entire program. We’ll help you identify any problem areas or expansion opportunities and make sure that every part of your fleet is working as smoothly and cost-efficiently as the propane autogas itself.


For more information, contact your local ThompsonGas Retail Showroom. Logo and photo courtesy of Ex Mark.

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