At ThompsonGas, we don’t just want you to buy from us — we want to be your propane provider for life! That’s why there’s more than just propane in our tanks. From our drivers and sales managers to customer service representatives and executive leaders, each ThompsonGas employee goes above and beyond to provide one-on-one service for each and every person who visits our retail showroom. You can expect nothing but lasting loyalty, exceptional service and relentless reliability from every ThompsonGas employee you meet.

Whether we’re surveying your current system, servicing your equipment or simply refilling your propane tank, we believe in exceeding all of your propane needs from beginning to end. Why waste time and patience bouncing from agency to agency when ThompsonGas is your one-stop shop for everything propane? Our service is not only exceptional, it’s seamless — and that’s a Thompson guarantee.

With the same values our company was built on more than 65 years ago, our retail showroom staff will continue serving our local community with a commitment to customer service and a reputation for strong family values — because above all else we want your trust. If you’re not satisfied with your service or you need to schedule maintenance, let us know. We guarantee your satisfaction and your propane services’ performance, and our friendly staff are empowered by making your life a lot easier and your home or business more efficient. Stop by our showroom today and put our promises to the test. We’ll be waiting to serve you!

Installation is very crucial to the efficiency, safety and functionality of any product you place in your home. Each installation must be tailored to the product. The space and size constraints of the installation space, the heating/cooling requirements of the home, the age of the home, the energy efficiency inside and the surrounding environment should all be considered before installation, as well as variables like gas piping, venting requirements, building materials and permits. Because each site is different, ThompsonGas requires a site survey for every install so we may provide our customers with the best fit, look and safe function of our products.

Each installation is completed by highly trained ThompsonGas professionals who offer a free site survey, guaranteed installations, custom fabrication and onsite tank refills to extend time between refills. We are available to help with technical calculations for tank, line and regulator sizing. There are also strict manufacturer requirements for the installation that directly affect the warranties and servicing of the product. The propane industry’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) ensures that propane installation and service personnel are well qualified to handle even the most challenging tasks. In addition, propane is a well-regulated industry that follows the codes and standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy (DOE), and various state and local regulatory bodies. To learn more, visit

ThompsonGas guarantees safe, efficient and quick turnarounds on all repair requests. We service all products we sell so we can take care of our customers from the beginning of their purchase and for many years to come. If you have a propane tank or other appliance in need of repair, please fill out the form below and a ThompsonGas representative will be in touch as soon as possible. If you need emergency service, please call 1-800-768-6612.

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